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We have neck ties, bow ties and tuxedo apparel in stock and ready to ship. Our massive selection is unrivaled and our service is unmatched. If you don't see the tie you are looking for, check with our customization team to commission your tie for any order or jurisdiction within the fraternity.

Neck Ties

Neck Ties

Available in two main categories, traditional and zipper ties. Traditional ties need no explanation but zipper ties have a zipper cleverly incorporated in such a way that you need not ever tie the tie but rather simply slip it on and off by adjusting the size of the neck loop.

Blue Lodge

These products are suitable for any Master Mason. Although there are dedicated departments for the other orders such as Shriners and Scottish Rite, our entire store is for the most part dedicated to the Blue Lodge, hence it does not have a single consolidated department like the others.
Blue Lodge Logo Craft Lodge Logo - No G
Gray Silk Shadow Tie 358565 Gray Silk Shadow Tie $14.95 Add To Cart
Black Square & Compass Box Tie 358608 Black Square & Compass Box Tie $14.95 Add To Cart
Masonic Tie 358598 Masonic Tie $14.95 Add To Cart
Masonic American Flag Tie 358602 Masonic American Flag Tie $14.95 Add To Cart
Gray / Black Silk Masonic Tie 358593 Gray / Black Silk Masonic Tie $14.95 Add To Cart

Past Master

Past Master Ties

Past Master ties are available both with and with the square.These products are suitable for any brother who has passed through the East and earned the title of Past Master. There are two main varieties of Past Master products, those with the compass, quadrant and square and those with only the compass and quadrant. Some jurisdictions reserve the former variety for Past Grand Masters while other (most) jurisdictions allow either to be used for Past Masters. Search for the squareless tag to just see the second variation. We also have an entire department dedicated to Past Master regalia.
Past Master Logo w/ Square Past Master Logo w/o Square
Blue Past Master Tie 358582 Blue Past Master Tie $14.95 Add To Cart

Zipper Ties

Blue Lodge

Black  Square & Compass Zipper Tie 358560 Black Square & Compass Zipper Tie $14.95 Add To Cart

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